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Bobcat Balance

Bobcat Balance

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Bobcat Balance is the official Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for Texas State University employees.

Administered by ComPsych, Bobcat Balance provides financial, mental health, and legal resources to help support your well-being at work and at home.

Learn more about available resources and how to take advantage of them below!

Bobcat Balance Tools

Explore what resources are available to you and your family

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  • You and members of your household are each provided 5 free mental health counseling sessions per issue, per year.

  • Chat with financial experts for assistance with mortgages, budgeting, retirement planning, and more.

  • Take advantage of free 30-minute consultations to gain practical advice from legal experts. You may also receive a 25% reduction in certain attorney fees!

  • Find help with life's challenges including event planning, elder or child care, home repairs, and more!

How to Access Resources

Use any of the methods below to access well-being resources

Guidance Resources Online (GRO)

Set up an account on the GRO Website. Choose "register" and use TXST as the Company Web ID.

Download the App

Download the GuidanceNow App to access your Bobcat Balance services and resources on-the-go.

Call the Hotline

Call 888.228.9831 (TTY: 800.697.0353) for 24/7 access to a team of consultants ready to assist you whenever you need.



Contact Work Life at 5.2557