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HR Training

HR Training

To learn more about HR processes, the Office of Human Resources provides several online and face-to-face training opportunities. For more information about our HR Training, please contact or call 5.2557.


Employee Development Training

Review the many workshops and training offered through HR's Talent Development & Communications team. For more information, review the many on-campus development opportunities, or visit the Talent Development & Communications website.

e-PCR & Organizational Management

The Master Data Center team offers training that provides guidelines for PCR processing and also gives an overview of SAP organizational management. For more visit their Training & Tutorials site, or call 5.2557

Ethics & Compliance

Our online ethics and compliance training program provides current information about University policy and state and federal law in areas like overtime pay, sexual harassment, purchasing, and information security. Click here to learn more. 

Performance Management

Performance Management training is offered to guide participants through our Performance Management process, including the performance plan, mid-cycle review, and final review. For more information, please contact Tammy Coyle or call 5.2557.

Time & Leave Administration

For those in need of help with time entry, time approval, or correcting time entry errors, please contact Selma Selvera in HR Benefits! Training is also provided for executing SAP transactions and creating reports including unprocessed time entries, time statements, quota balances, HR Master Data, employee lists, and creating variants.