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Meet our Team



Carole Clerie

Carole Clerie, MBA, She/Her/Hers, Associate VP, Human Resources | Ext. 5.2557
Carole serves as Texas State University’s Chief Human Resources Officer and is responsible for shaping HR strategy and delivery of services in the areas of staff employee relations, benefits administration, well-being, data management, talent acquisition and development, HR communications, and classification and compensation.
"The best thing about being a Bobcat employee is the opportunity to work with amazing and talented individuals that are passionate about people."

patty cano headshot

Patty Cano, She/Her/HersSenior Administrative Assistant, Human Resources | Ext. 5.2734
Patty provides high-level administrative support for the Office of Human Resources Associate Vice President, senior management, and the HR team as a whole. She manages the departmental budget, travel, and individual and group calendar events, amongst many other strategic day-to-day tactical expertise in her role.
"The best thing about being a Bobcat employee is working with leaders who lead to succeed!"

Leah Cuellar, She/Her/Hers, HR Analyst  | Ext. 5.2572
Leah assists Texas State employees with retirement plan-related questions and New Employee Welcome I. She is the point of contact once employees are ready to retire and works with retirees to complete all necessary paperwork. Leah received her Bachelor's in Communication from Texas State.
"My favorite part of being a Bobcat employee is enjoying this beautiful campus during my daily wellness walks!"

Selma Selvera, She/Her/Hers/Ella, Human Resources Analyst | Ext. 5.2736

Selma oversees time and leave management, including time administrator and supervisor training, reports, and policy compliance. Selma manages Family and Medical Leave (FMLA), sick leave pool, and donated sick leave requests. She also assists with insurance benefits and New Employee Welcome (NEW) I.
"My favorite thing about being a Bobcat employee is m
eeting new people on a daily basis."

Alexandra Reyna, M.S., SHRM-CP, She/Her/Hers, Human Resources Analyst | Ext. 5.8554

Alexandra coordinates insurance for all Texas State employees and assists with benefits-related questions. She is responsible for the facilitation of New Employee Welcome (NEW) I, prior state service processing for new employees, and maintenance of employee personnel records within SAP.
"I enjoy helping fellow Bobcats throughout their employment journey with TXST and building relationships through day-to-day interactions."

danielle waddell headshot
Danielle Waddell, She/Her/Hers, Human Resources Representative | Ext. 5.2557

Danielle helps the HR benefits team onboard employees during New Employee Welcome. She also assists customers with general benefits inquiries regarding prior state service, insurance, and personal information changes.
"My favorite thing about working at TXST is meeting new employees and helping to set them up for success in their roles."

danielle waddell headshot
Elisha Jimenez, She/Her/Hers, Human Resources Representative | Ext. 5.2557

Elisha assists the HR Benefits team with calculating prior state service, onboarding employees during New Employee Welcome (NEW) I, and assists customers with insurance and benefit-related questions. Elisha received her BBA and MBA from Sul Ross State University.

"My favorite thing about working at Texas State is enjoying the beautiful campus and being able to help people. I've found there are endless ways to serve the people around me."

Rose Trevino

Rose Trevino, M.A.She/Her/Hers, Well-Being Program Manager | Ext. 5.1390
Rose partners with campus leaders to design and implement effective well-being programs and monitor the daily operations of these programs. She also manages the relationships with healthcare providers and vendors to contribute to the greater health of the campus community.
"My favorite part of being a Bobcat employee is wellness release time, I can focus on my well-being"

jess youngs headshot

Jess Youngs, She/Her/Hers, Well-Being Representative | Ext. 5.1390
Jess supports the well-being coordinator by helping with outreach and promoting well-being resources like WellCats. Jess studied Exercise Science at Pennsylvania Western University and has a personal training certification with the National Academy of Sports Medicine.
"My favorite thing about being a Bobcat is us - we are what's NEXT, and I'm excited for the future Bobcats are building together!"

alicia barthel

Alicia Barthel, PHR, CDRShe/Her/Hers/Ella, Executive Director, Talent Strategy | Ext. 5.3199
Alicia manages the Talent Acquisition team, supports the strategic development of community partnerships, and assists in creating talent pipelines to secure a diverse talent pool. She supports applicant tracking, career fairs, and employment eligibility verifications. Alicia is working on an MSIS with a focus on Organization, Workforce, and Leadership Studies from TXST.
"I love working at TXST because I get to do what I love while being part of the bigger picture."

Michelle Aguilar headshot

Michelle Aguilar, She/Her/Hers, Senior Administrative Assistant, Human Resources | Ext. 5.6626
Michelle provides administrative support to the Director of Talent Strategy through a variety of administrative tasks related to the oversight of Talent Acquisition, and Talent Development & Communications.
"The best things about being a Bobcat employee are the wonderful people I have met and worked with over the years."

deana townsend

Deana Townsend, She/Her/Hers, Human Resources Specialist | 5.6172
Deana manages the staff hiring process for Athletics and VPAA. She provides training for hiring managers on PeopleAdmin, posting jobs, interviewing, the recommendation for hire process, and hiring best practices. She also provides technical support for the staff ATS module in PeopleAdmin as a certified administrator.
"The best thing about being a Bobcat employee is being able to be a student and work full-time. I feel like I am getting the full experience."

adrian headshot

Adrian Leal, He/Him/His, Talent Acquisition Recruiter | 5.1835
Adrian screens hiring proposals and ensures fair hiring processes with all job postings. He handles pre-employment verifications and screenings and assists hiring teams with the onboarding process. Adrian verifies and edits job postings to ensure they reflect Texas State University values. Adrian earned a BA in Mass Communications and Spanish from Texas State in 2017 and is due to complete a MA in International Studies in early 2023.
"My favorite thing about being a Bobcat employee is the strong healthy culture and support!"

TXST flag

Sebastian Reyes, He/Him/His, Talent Acquisition Recruiter | 5.2557
Sebastian assists with all the hiring needs of the various departments across Texas State University. Always ensuring to be available and provide a high level of customer service to any and all hiring managers. Sebastian received his Bachelor of Science from Texas Tech University “I love working at TXST because I love getting to work with such knowledgeable leaders. ”

TXST flag

Justin Mirelez, He/Him/His, Talent Acquisition Recruiter | 5.2557
Justin works with tenure-line and non-tenure-line faculty hiring. He works on quality control of job postings, recommendations for hires, and every facet of the University's hiring policy. Justin advises and makes recommendations to search chairs on best practices and policies related to hiring. Just received his BA in Criminal Justice from American Military University, and is working on a Master of Human Resource Management. "My favorite thing about working at TXST is the sense of belonging that comes from being a member of a small team with a big mission for the university."

Falyn Mason

Falyn Mason, She/Her/Hers, Talent Acquisition Representative | 5.2557
Falyn provides administrative assistance to the Talent Acquisitions team. She also manages the background check process for Volunteers, Student Employees, and NSNR employees. She also oversees and facilitates training and assistance for the I-9 process. Falyn is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma. She is currently working on her Masters in Human Resources from Penn State University. “My favorite thing about being a Bobcat is getting to work with such knowledgeable leaders.”

Rising Star of Texas

Blake Bissing, Manager, Compensation | Ext. 5.4359
Blake manages the compensation section and oversees the university’s pay plan and compensation and classification processes to help Texas State University attract, retain, and reward Bobcat employees. He supports position management, state reporting, internal equity, and market compensation analyses.
"The best part of being a Bobcat employee is being a part of the university that serves so many first-generation students."

elizabeth cruz headshot

Elizabeth Cruz, Human Resources Analyst | Ext. 5.2071
Elizabeth is responsible for providing analyses related to staff compensation, classification, FLSA overtime status, maintaining the University pay plan, conducting job audits, assisting with the annual salary review process, and related activities. Elizabeth received her BBA in Management with a Human Resources Concentration from Texas State University.

Tammy Coyle, Manager, Employee Relations | Ext. 5.2735
Tammy oversees the Employee Relations area and Performance Management process for staff employees. Employee Relations services include consultation, facilitation, mediation, workplace investigations, and training. Tammy also provides consultation and training regarding the performance management process.
"I enjoy the customer service aspect of being in Human Resources."

Cynthia (Cindy) KeilersEmployee Relations Specialist | Ext. 5.3061
Cindy conducts workplace investigations, provides guidance for the grievance process, promotes conflict resolution, and other ER services in order to advance the concerns of staff employees at Texas State. This includes collaborating with university partners, conducting research, tracking, analyzing, and reporting data. Cindy also supports the new Performance Management process.
"I love being a part of the big picture, not just a department within the university."

Headshot of Ernesto Rendon

Ernesto (Ernie) Rendon, Employee Relations Specialist | Ext. 5.2557
Ernie conducts workplace investigations and provides advice on all employee relations topics. This includes maintaining positive employee relationships and ensuring compliance with employment laws. Ernie handles employee records, facilitates training, and provide guidance on HR policies and procedures.
“Helping people is my business and business is great!”

Katie Bonner, Manager, HRIS | Ext. 5.2673
Katie manages the HRIS team, which is responsible for processing personnel actions for staff, student workers, and graduate students not in Academic Affairs. She also helps maintain organizational changes within SAP and provides PCR and Organizational Management training. Katie is primarily responsible for processing the benefits-eligible staff and graduate student actions, University Longevity Pay changes, Salary Review, and special reporting.

Teresa Duggins, She/Her/Hers, Sr. HRIS Analyst | Ext. 5.2733
Teresa maintains the University’s SAP organizational structure for staff, student workers, and non-academic department graduate students; this includes creating new positions and updating positions (costing and reclassification information). She processes Non-Student Non-Regular Staff PCR’s, Supervisor Change Requests, and SAP HR Security Requests for non-academic divisions. Teresa graduated from Texas State in '87.


Lisa Gonzalez, HRIS Analyst | Ext. 5.4602
Lisa is responsible for the processing of all hourly student worker appointments (PCR’s) and student task worker appointments (PCR’s). Lisa serves as a back-up to the completion of the hourly student worker employment verification forms.

Lori Kinser, She/Her/Hers, HRIS Analyst | Ext. 5.2732
Lori fulfills requests for employee records, routine employment verifications (in conjunction with i2Verify), open records requests, and court orders. She also compiles and sends HRIS data to State oversight agencies. Lori is backup to HRIS and assists with processing PCR appointments for student and staff employees and maintaining the university’s organizational structure within SAP. Lori holds a B.S. in Applied Sociology.
"I love my work/life balance and our beautiful campus!"

virginia sierra headshot

Virginia Sierra, Systems Support Specialist I | Ext. 5.2557
Virginia provides technical support to the department by maintaining all technology resources for the Office of Human Resources. She is part of the HRIS Team and participates with HR SAP support pack testing, technology-related charters or projects, and assists with HR SAP security requests and audits.
"I love working at such a beautiful campus."

Dani Dalrymple, M.A., She/Her/Hers, Manager, Talent Development & Communications | Ext. 5.6810
Dani leads the Communications and Development team through initiatives focused on employee growth, engagement, and retention. Dani received her M.A. in Communication Studies from Texas State University in 2015 and has certificates in both Corporate Communication Training & Development and Mediation & Dispute Resolution.
"My favorite thing about being a Bobcat employee is that TXST feels like home. I have loved watching TXST grow and evolve over the years."

Samantha Williams Headshot
Samantha Williams, M.S., She/Her/Hers, HR Project Coordinator | Ext. 5.7899
Samantha oversees a variety of projects including New Employee Welcome and employee morale events. She is the LMS admin for SuccessFactors Learning and supports learning and development opportunities. Samantha received a B.S. from Texas State in 2019 and her M.S. from Heriot-Watt University in 2020. "I love contributing to the University that provided so much to me as a student. The opportunity to serve Bobcat employees each day is a great joy."                      
tami headshot

Tami Johnson, She/Her/Hers, Training Specialist | Ext. 5.5287
Tami designs and implements learning and development opportunities for Bobcat employees. She identifies campus learning needs and creates trainings to meet the strategic goals of TXST. Tami also ensures our Bobcat leaders gain the skills and knowledge necessary to manage a team effectively by facilitating the Leadership Academy certificate program. Tami received her B.S. in Mass Communications from Texas State University in 2014. "My favorite thing about being a Bobcat employee is the opportunity to be connected to campus culture."

Judy Herrington headshot

Judy Herington, She/Her/Hers, Talent Development Representative | Ext. 5.1833 
Judy supports the Talent Development & Communications team with administrative tasks and provides logistical and back-end support for development and community-building initiatives. She leads the employee recognition and awards programs, along with providing TXST employees with front-line customer support with SuccessFactors Learning. 
"My favorite thing about being a Bobcat employee is that I have met so many wonderful people over the years across campus. I love helping people however I can and I love seeing our students learn, grow, and pursue their dreams."

TXST banner pole

Georgia Zaborowski, She, Her, Hers, HR Communications Representative II | 512.408.5982
Georgia oversees communication strategies for various HR functions that engage and inform Bobcat employees. She leads the development of mass HR communication through diverse media channels to deliver a strong and engaging brand message. Georgia received her B.S. in Public Relations at the University of Texas at Austin. 
"My favorite thing about being a Bobcat is working on a team with people who have a passion and care about their community."

TXST Banner

Asanti S. Wiley, She/Her/Hers, HR Communications Representative I | 512.408.6289
Asanti strategically cultivates Texas State HR messaging through innovative communication initiatives. Her role involves creating engaging content, collaborating with teams to enhance employee engagement, backing HR initiatives, and supporting the HR Communications Representative II on overarching projects. She received BS in Advertising from Texas State University. 
"I value Texas State's vibrant sense of community, collaborative spirit, and shared commitment to creating a supportive environment."