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Performance Management Toolkit

Performance Management Toolkit

This site is designed to be your one-stop shop for all resources related to the Texas State Performance Management Cycle.

Browse our Performance Management User Guides below or watch our informational step-by-step guides for instructions on how Supervisors and Employees complete the three phases of the Performance Management process.

Performance Management Phase

Phase 1: The Performance Plan

Creating the Performance Plan is the first phase in the cycle. The Performance Plan is designed to help TXST employees set expectations to accomplish professional and personal goals. This section will review the step-by-step actions for completing the Performance Plan in SuccessFactors Learning/Performance.

Performance Plan Video Tutorial

    • Log in to SAP Portal and navigate to the SuccessFactors Learning/Performance Tile.
    • Select the Manage My Team tile under the subheading My Team. Select the name of the employee or hover over the head icon to see possible employee actions to take.
    • Select Go to then select 2023-2024 Performance Plan.
    • Select the + Add Goal button to create a new goal then select Create a New Goal.
    • Select either Personal Goal or Library Goal
      • Personal goals allow you to create your own goal for the employee. 
      • Library goals allow you to choose a goal from an organized library of Texas State University goals.
    • Add tasks if needed by selecting + Add Add Tasks
      • Enter a target date and a task description. 
      • A task can be added if, for example, the supervisor wants the goal to be completed within a certain time frame. 
      • For example: "1/4th of the goal needs to be completed by November".
    • Enter how success will be measured for the goal.
      • Select a status for the goal. (Has it started? Is it in progress?)
      • Update the start and end dates, if necessary.
      • Then select the Save Changes button at the bottom of the screen
    • Once the plan is ready and includes all of the employee goals and job duties, the manager should be sure to provide any additional commentary in the section comments box of the Performance Plan.
    • Next, the manager should scroll to the bottom of the page and select Send to Employee for Review.
    • After the manager creates the plan, employees should log in to the SAP Portal and navigate to the SuccessFactors Learning/Performance tile. Select the Review Your Performance tile to access the Performance Plan. 
    • Employees should review the performance plan created by their manager and make note of any comments or questions they may have about the plan.
    • After reviewing the performance plan, select Acknowledge and Send to Manager at the bottom of the page.
    • After the employee reviews and acknowledges the performance plan, managers will have a new task in their To Do tile labeled Manager Acknowledgement and 1:1. This notification informs the manager that the employee has reviewed their performance plan and it is now time to schedule the 1:1 meeting.
    • Managers should then schedule a time to meet with the employee(s) to discuss performance goals and expectations for the upcoming year.
    • After the 1:1 meeting has been held, the final step is for the manager to log in to SuccessFactors and select Acknowledge and Complete Plan

    Note: the Signature section is automatically filled out once the employee and manager acknowledge the plan.

Phase 2: The Mid-Cycle Review

Managers informally meet with employees to assess progress on previously established goals. Managers and employees work together to informally assess whether expectations are being met and if any adjustments need to be made.

No action needs to be taken in SuccessFactors Learning/Performance.

The Mid-Cycle review will require an informal 1:1 meeting between managers and employees. To better prepare both parties for these discussions relating to performance and job expectations we recommend watching the LinkedIn Learning videos below.

The course Foundations of Performance Management will help TXST employees navigate goal-setting, giving and receiving feedback, reviewing and awarding performance, and analyzing and encouraging performance.  

Discussing performance and performance reviews can sometimes result in difficult conversations. The course Having Difficult Conversations will help TXST employees know the best practices for these conversations, the do's and do-not, and how to best initiate these conversations.

Phase 3: The Performance Review

The Performance Review Process will occur between April 1 - May 31 and is the formal assessment of employee performance for the year based on the previously established goals and performance criteria.

Note: We are currently in the process of reviewing and revamping the Performance Review phase. The steps below are based on the previous Performance Review and should be used as a reference when preparing to start the Performance Management process.

  • After logging into SuccessFactors Learning/Performance, there will be an item pending in the For You Today tile. Click on tile to begin the assessment. 


    Assess Goals & Job Duties: 

    Navigate through each goal and job duty listed on the page and choose a rating from the drop-down menu. 


    Tip: Select the question mark icon beside Employee Rating to display the attributes of each rating.  

    Reminder: The goals and job duties were established during the performance planning process. If the employee did not receive a Performance Plan and does not have any Goals or Job duties, the review will receive an error and will not be able to continue through the workflow. All employees must have at least one goal or job duties for the assessment step to move forward to the next step. 

    Meets Performance Expectations: 

    Select “Yes or No” if you assess yourself as meeting your manager’s performance expectations. 


    Meets TXST Core Expectations – Employee Self-Assessment: 

    Navigate through each expectation listed on the page and select assessment from the drop-down menu. Add additional comments if necessary. 


    Employee Optional Comments: Use this section to add any additional comments.  

    Send to Manager: 

    When finished with the self–assessment, select the Send to Manager Assessment button. You have the option of adding a note that the manager will see when the email is received that the self-assessment is complete. 

    Select the Send to Manager Assessment button. 


  • Manager receives an email notification indicating the employee has completed their self-assessment review. 


    Log in to SuccessFactors Learning/Performance, you'll see a notification under the For You Today tile. Then, select Manager Assessment tile. 

    Assessing Goals & Job Duties: 

    Navigate through each goal and/or job duty listed on the page and choose a rating from the drop-down menu. 


    Tip: Select the question mark icon beside Employee Rating, to display the attributes of each rating. You can provide additional justification using the comments box if needed. 

    Meets Performance Expectation: 

     Select “Yes or No” if employee met manager’s expectations. Add additional comments if necessary.  

    Meets TXST Core Expectations – Manager Rates Employee: 

    Navigate through each expectation listed on the page and select assessment from the drop-down menu. Add additional comments if necessary. 

    Meets Compliance Standards 

    Select whether employee meets Compliance Standards. 


    Improvements & Growth 

    Add any improvement or growth opportunities if applicable. 


    Overall Assessment 

    Select from drop-down if employee met expectations and add any additional comments if necessary. 


    Manager chooses “Yes or No.” If the manager chooses “Yes,” the employee is eligible for merit. Any merit decisions/awards will be handled through the annual salary review process. 






    Send to 1:1 Meeting: 

    When finished with the assessment, select the Send to 1:1 Meeting button. 


    The manager will see a second prompt to push the process to the 1:1 Meeting. The options are to cancel, which will return the manager to the review document, or move forward with the 1:1 meeting. 


    The manager’s performance assessment is complete. 
    It is now the responsibility of the manager to check calendars and schedule a 1:1 meeting to review the assessment with the employee. 

  • The time has now come for you as a manager to schedule the 1:1 with your employee(s). The following are some tips and questions that can help guide your conversation. 

    Ask yourself the following questions: 

    • Have you had an open dialogue regarding performance throughout the year? 
    • Are your assessments going to come as a surprise to employees? 
    • Are you prepared to listen to differing perspectives regarding performance? 

    Other Performance Items to Consider: 

    • Consider asking for feedback from employee’s team members. 
    • Recognize badges or notes received in the system. 
      • Review notes made throughout the year regarding the employee’s performance in the 1:1 Meeting 

    After completing 1:1 meeting with employee, log into SuccessFactors Learning/Performance, there will be an item pending in the For You Today tile. Click on tile titled 1:1 Meeting. 

    Add any changes to manager’s assessment of comments during the 1:1 step here.  

    This is the manager’s final opportunity to make any changes to the performance review. Note, only the manager is permitted to make changes at this point in the process. 

    Manager Sends for Acknowledgements: 

    Click the send to employee for acknowledgement bottom, located at the bottom right of the screen. 

    The manager will see a second prompt enabling managers to add comments to be included with email sent to employee.  Select Send to Employee for Acknowledgement button located at the bottom right of the screen.  

  • Select the Acknowledgment tile, and another window will pop up. 


    The employee can add any “Subject’s comments” prior to acknowledgment and signature. 


    Next, select the Acknowledge and Send to Manager button to acknowledge and move the process to the manager for acknowledgment and signature. 


    After selecting Acknowledge and Send to Manager: 

    The employee will have another opportunity to enter comments in the email that is sent to the manager for their acknowledgment and signature. 

    Enter any comments if desired and click Acknowledge and Send to Manager. 


    The employee acknowledgment and signature are complete. 

    Step 5 | Manager Acknowledges the Performance Review: 

     Select the Manager Acknowledgement tile, and another window will pop up. 


    Navigate down to the end of the document. Here, the manager can enter any comments prior to acknowledgment and signature. 


    Next, select Acknowledge and Complete Assessment. The manager will see a second prompt to push the process to the Acknowledge and Complete Assessment. 



    Keep in mind, that if this process is not complete by May 31, the employee will not be eligible for merit. 

    Step 6 | The Performance Review is Now Complete! 


    In order to find completed status use these steps:

    Search Performance Reviews for Completed Status 

    Log into SuccessFactors Learning/Performance 


    Click on “Home.” At the top left 


    Click on Performance 


    Click on “All Forms” under My Forms 


    You will find the status of all plans and reviews for your employees.