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Training & Tutorials

The following training classes are offered to assist SAP users with an overview of SAP organizational management as well as guidelines for PCR processing of staff and student workers.

Classes are only open to Texas State University employees with the security role of Department Head

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  • To register for any class, please refer to the  SAP Portal and click on the Training and Development tab. Classes are available by clicking on the Organizational Excellence link in the Course Catalog section; scan alphabetically by class title. If class is over 60 days out, please revisit the site at a later date.

  • Please complete Getting Started with SAP Business Client, prior to enrolling in any class offered by the MDC. This course provides participants with an introduction to SAP at Texas State, its basic navigation and reporting.

    You can sign-up through the SAP Portal by clicking on the Success Factors tile, and then search for it inside the Success Factors LMS.

Classes Offered

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