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Remote Work Guidance

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Texas State University staff employees may be eligible for remote work in accordance with UPPS 04.04.01 General Workplace Policy.


Short-term remote work (less than 30 work days per fiscal year) can be entered on all staff employee and student worker time sheets via SAP Employee Self Service. See timekeeping instructions below.

NOTE: Complete this spreadsheet for your department time administrator to enter dates back to September 2021. Employee and supervisor must sign and date.


Long-term remote work (greater than 30 work days per fiscal year) require the completion and approval of a long-term remote work agreement in SAP, accessible via the Remote Work Request tile in SAP Employee Self Service.

Please contact Human Resources at 5.2557 if you have any questions.

  • For Employees

      • Enter attendance code 0157 “Remote Work Hourly” for any hours worked remotely 
      • Total remote work hours entered and approved will show in “My Leave Balances” and will reset at the start of each fiscal year (Sep. 1). 
      • Enter attendance code 0158 “Remote Work Salaried” for any hours worked remotely  

      • The remote work hours entered should not exceed your scheduled hours for that day (e.g., 8 hours). If an employee works more than the scheduled hours for that day, it should be recorded using attendance code 0100 “Additional Hours Worked – Sal”

      Example: A full-time staff employee works remotely all week and is scheduled to work 8 hours each day. They work 1 additional hour on Monday and 1 additional hour on Tuesday. They would record 8 hours of remote work each day, plus an additional hour worked on both Monday and Tuesday. 

      SAP screenshot

    • Approve short-term remote work time through the standard time approval process in SAP.   

    • View total remote hours worked for direct reports via the “My Employee Leave Balances” tile in the SAP Portal. All short-term remote work time entered and approved for the fiscal year is displayed.

    SAP screenshot

    • Short-term remote work time entry is allowed for up to 30 workdays (240 hours proportionate to FTE). Any remote work time exceeding 30 workdays must be covered by a long-term remote work agreement submitted via the “Remote Work Request” Form in ESS+ and approved by the divisional VP. 

    SAP Screenshot