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"There are two ways of meeting difficulties: You alter the difficulties or you alter yourself meeting them." Phyllis Bottome 

Conflict is inevitable and a normal part of life. How you deal with conflict, however, effects its resolution and even relationships.

ER offers various services to help you resolve workplace conflict, cultivate positive relationships, and improve the work environment. Services include consultation, facilitation, mediation, and workplace investigations. Explore these available options below. 

Do you think you have an employee relations issue and/or are not sure how to proceed? Call the ER team at 5.2557 today. 


Sometimes it's hard to determine when you have an issue on your hands or what to do to resolve the issue the best way possible. The ER area provides different consulting services for managers and employees to guide you through conflict resolution.

Click to learn more about the different consultation topics.


Facing difficult conversations can be hard, uncomfortable and even stressful. At times you may also find yourself stumped trying to reach a particular goal, either individually or as a team. The ER area provides informal facilitation services to help you through these challenges. 

Click to learn more about facilitation, who it's intended for, when it's appropriate, and common facilitation topics. 


When an issue becomes a full fledged dispute between two parties, mediation may be the best recourse. The ER area provides this service to all Texas State staff, at no cost to participants.

Click here to learn more about the mediation process, who can request it, and examples of cases that warrant mediation.

Workplace Investigations

Occasionally, serious situations can lead to workplace investigations, which can only be requested by managers. Please note that some cases require the involvement of the Office of Equal Opportunity & Title IX, including all sexual harassment and discrimination complaints.

Click to learn more about investigation requests, what ER investigators do when examining cases, and common situations that merit workplace investigations.