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University Pay Plan

Important Update:

Pay grade information for all staff positions can now be found in the position management module of PeopleAdmin (pay grade information for faculty and student worker positions can be found at the bottom section of this page). 

Watch the video tutorial or read the step-by-step instructions below to learn how to access key information (including FLSA status, job code, pay ranges, and more) for TXST staff positions.


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Using the Position Management Module:

Learn how to find pay plan information within PeopleAdmin.

  • Step-by-Step Instructions

      • Log in to the PeopleAdmin platform.
      • Click on the ellipses at the top left-hand corner of the screen.
      • Select “Position Management” from the drop-down menu.
        • Click “Job Titles” on the orange ribbon at the top of the page.
        • Choose Staff” from the drop-down menu.
      • Once the Pay Plan table populates, you can use the search bar to search for staff job titles.
      • Click on a job title to find detailed information such as pay range, job description, and required licenses/certifications.
    • Once the Pay Plan table populates, you can use the search bar to search for staff job titles.

      • Click the “More Search Options” button to bring up the “add columns” feature. Here, you can specify what criteria to filter the pay plan table by. Criteria include:
        • Job code
        • Minimum pay range
        • Maximum pay range
        • FLSA status
        • Job duties & descriptions
        • and more.

Faculty and Student Employees:

See pay rates, job codes, and FLSA status for faculty and student worker positions.

*The following rates are effective 09/01/2023.

Student employees hold positions reserved only for university students. All student employees, except for selected graduate student employees, are non-exempt and are subject to FLSA overtime provisions.

For more information concerning student employment, please refer to UPPS No. 07.07.03 and UPPS No. 07.07.06. Inquiries regarding employment should be directed to the appropriate department or college.

Non-Student Non-Regular Employees:

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Non-Student Non-Regular (NSNR) staff are not exempt from the FLSA's overtime provisions and do not have a pay range maximum.

To learn more about NSNRs, review our Non-Student Non-Regular Titles page.


Please contact the Compensation team if you need assistance.