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Types of Pay

Texas State offers a wide range of types of pay, from base annual salary, merit and state longevity. Click on the titles to learn more.

  • The university pays each employee an hourly or monthly rate consistent with the pay range assigned to the employee’s position title in the University Pay Plan.

  • A performance increase is a non-discretionary merit award provided to qualified staff employees, as determined by the president or the state legislature. 

  • Each regular staff employee is entitled to receive a 1.5 percent increase every two years up to a maximum of four such increases from each appropriate eligibility date.

  • BRP is a separate pay entitlement granted to employees who were employed by the state on 8/31/95. Read more about the monetary totals and eligible employees here.

  • An employee receives a salary increase to a new pay plan minimum when labor market rates exceeds the employee’s current salary.

  • Each regular full-time staff employee, excluding law enforcement officers eligible for hazardous duty pay, is entitled to longevity pay of $20 per month for each two years of service as an employee of the State of Texas up to and including 42 years of service.

  • An employee receives discretionary salary increase awarded for meritorious performance.

  • Police officers are entitled to hazardous duty pay of $10 per month for each year of service in a state hazardous duty position. Eligible part-time employees receive a proportional amount of hazardous duty pay.

Adjustments in Pay

The following are potential adjustments in pay, based on organizational changes:

  • A change to a position title with a higher pay grade. The department head is encouraged to ensure that the employee receives an increase of at least 15%.

  • A change to another position with the same or lower pay grade minimum salary. 

  • A reclassification may lead to a change in pay, depending on the job audit results and HR's recommendations. Visit the Job Audits website for more information.

    The department head is encouraged to ensure that the employee receives an increase of at least 15%.

  • An employee may request a transfer to an equivalent or lower position or title.

  • This adjustment includes a salary increase to improve the salary relationship between employees internal to the university.