Stigma Free TXST

Together for Mental Health

Texas State University is dedicated to supporting the mental health of our employees. From now until the end of Fall 2022, we'll be spotlighting various mental health resources available to the Bobcat community to support National Alliance on Mental Illness's (NAMI) Anti-Stigma campaign.

Why Is Being Stigma Free Important?

NAMI defines mental health stigma as "when someone, or even you yourself, views a person in a negative way just because they have a mental health condition". This can lead  to feelings of shame and unwillingness to speak out or seek help. Promoting a #StigmaFreeTXST helps foster a community of compassion, support, and acceptance for all faculty, staff, and students.

Mental Health Resource Spotlight:


Therapy Assistance Online (TAO)

gilbert lopez headshot

Therapy Assistance Online is a free digital tool that houses a suite of self-paced, 24/7 mental health resources for the Bobcat community to use. Resources include educational content, mindfulness exercises, and progress trackers.

Gilbert Lopez is a licensed clinical social worker for the TXST Counseling Center and also serves as the TAO Coordinator. Check out our Q&A with Gilbert to learn more about how Therapy Assistance Online helps maintain a #StigmaFreeTXST!

Mental Health Resources

View various TXST mental health resources below.

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  • Resource Spotlight Archive By Month

    • TXST's Work Life program offers a variety of services such as Bobcat Balance and WellCats that are designed to support employees' overall well-being in and out of the office.
      Bobcat Balance provides employees access to monthly webinars, helpful articles, and free mental health counseling sessions. Through WellCats, staff and faculty are also offered nutrition tips, group exercise classes, and helpful educational classes.
      Visit our blog post Q&A with Rose Trevino to learn more about our Work Life Program!
    • HealthSelect of Texas provides offers several resources and programs for you and your dependents to take care of your mental health. Services include the following:

      • Mental Health Virtual Visits:
        • Consult with a licensed mental health professional any day of the week online at no cost (if enrolled in eligible health plans).
      • 24/7 Mental Health Hotline
        • speak with a mental health clinician 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
      • Care Management Program
        • Chat with a team of dedicated medical and mental health clinicians for extra support and guidance.
      For more detailed information regarding mental health services, visit the HealthSelect of Texas website or download the Mental Health Resources flyer.
    • TXST's University Police Department is prioritizing mental health in its service to the Bobcat community. Officer Kendra Marsteller has been the mental health officer for TXST UPD since late Fall 2021 and is helping to lead the charge in combatting the stigma often associated with mental health. Check out our latest blog post to see how Kendra and her newest furry sidekick, Pawfficer Brady, are on a mission to promote and maintain a #StigmaFreeTXST campus!


    • The Texas State Counseling Center supports the mental health of our bobcat community through a variety of resources including one-on-one counseling and educational outreach. The Counseling Center also offers self-help learning resources so Faculty and Staff are prepared to assist students who may experience a mental health crisis.

      Dr. Richard A. Martinez is a psychologist at the Counseling Center and serves as the Educational Programming & Outreach Coordinator. Check out our Q&A with Dr. Martinez to learn more about how the Counseling Center is helping to promote a #StigmaFreeTXST!