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University Pay Plan Consolidation Project

The University Pay Plan Consolidation initiative is a Texas State University-driven effort focused on increasing flexibility in job title management and enhance opportunities for salary adjustments for staff employees.

The initiative will reduce the number of pay plan job titles, making it easier to manage administratively. Pay grades will be expanded and job descriptions will be more generalized.

This initiative will also allow Texas State to benchmark positions and become more competitive in recruiting and compensation by utilizing more accurate job market and salary information in order to drive the University’s compensation plan.


September Update!

We’re pleased to announce that effective September 1, we have implemented phase 1 of the pay plan consolidation project. Phase 1 included the expansion of pay ranges and application of new pay grades. These changes align our pay grades more closely with the current job market, provide for increased flexibility on salary increases, and will allow us to offer more competitive wages.

Also, PeopleAdmin will now be our source for job descriptions and the linked job versions on the online pay plan will no longer be available. Please contact Blake Bissing or Emily Himes if you have any questions.


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  • Texas State's current list of over 700 pay plan job titles for staff is being consolidated to approximately 250 titles.

    Faculty and student job titles are not included in this project and will not see any changes.

  • The intended outcomes of this project are:

    • Allow for easier management of the pay plan
    • More jobs priced to market for more accurate compensation comparisons
    • An opportunity to re-examine and realign the pay plan relationships for titles without a market match
    • Wider pay ranges and fewer pay grades allowing more opportunity for pay increases within a title
    • More generalized job descriptions to support efficiencies in the performance management system
    • Increased use of functional titles to more accurately reflect job functions
    • Provide flexibility at the department level for granting title changes without going through the formal reclassification process
  • A working group has been created (consisting of at least one representative from each division) to assist in reducing the number of titles in our current university pay plan.

  • This project has an initial target date for implementation in FY 2021.  However, this is only a target timetable and may change according to progress on the project.

  • FAQs

    • It may change your pay plan title. If you already have a functional title, it will not change unless it does not meet the guidelines for functional title use, or there is an approved request to change your functional title. All pay plan titles will be grouped into job families. These are generalized descriptions for similar jobs.

      Example: The new pay plan title would group all Directors into one job family. In order to distinguish specific positions within the job family, divisions will be able to use functional titles. These titles would delineate the specific duties of each position and allow for more accurate recruitment.

    • No.  This project is not intended to increase or decrease any employee’s pay.

    • The pay grade for your pay plan title job family may be different than your current pay grade. However, this will not reduce your pay or limit your ability to receive a pay increase. In fact, this consolidation will cause an expansion of current pay grade ranges. This added benefit would allow individuals increased opportunity to receive salary adjustments at the discretion of their department while staying within their position’s pay grade.

    • No.  Employees will still be able to work toward salary increases, promotions, and professional development within normal university policy provisions.

    • This project will have no impact on your goals and duties, which are determined by your supervisor.

    • The pay plan title is the official job family designation designed to help our Compensation team make appropriate recommendations.

      The functional title is the title used to delineate your specific job duties, advertise during recruitment, and print on your business cards.

    • Hiring managers will be able to advertise positions by functional title and pay plan title, ensuring effective recruitment. A goal of this project is to make more accurate and competitive compensation recommendations based on market studies, positively impacting employee retention.

    • Our Compensation team has spoken with compensation professionals at universities across the state that have recently conducted similar projects. The goal with these meetings was to assist with this project’s efficiency, in order to anticipate and correct any missteps in the process, and to see what has worked—and didn’t work—for others. These universities have experienced all of the anticipated benefits projected with this process.

    • Benchmarking a position enables us to utilize a direct market match to more accurately determine trends in pay and make appropriate compensation recommendations.


If you have a question that was not addressed above, please submit your question using the button below. Our team will respond as soon as possible, and we will continue to update this website as information is available.