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  • 9.1.2021 - 8.31.2022 Email Archive

    • Remote Work Policy Updates 

      UPPS 04.04.01. General Workplace Policy, has been updated with the following changes that took effect on Sep. 1: 

      • Short-term remote work will no longer require the submission of a remote work agreement, and the approval authority has been delegated to the employee’s direct supervisor; 
      • Eligible employees on short-term remote work agreements will be able to log and track remote work hours via SAP timesheets, and the approval of the timesheet by the supervisor will constitute approval of short-term remote work;  
      • Under the short-term remote work program, eligible employees may use up to 30 workdays in a fiscal year (modified from rolling 12-month period), restarting the count this Sep. 1; and 
      • Policy language has been updated for clarity (renaming telecommuting to long-term remote work). 

      Please note that the functionality is not yet available for remote work time logging in SAP and will be released shortly. In the interim, please track your remote work time manually for retroactive recording.

      New Features in SAP Employee Self-Service 

      We’ve added some new features to SAP Employee Self-Service that we hope you find useful: 

      • Total Compensation & Benefits Statement. A custom report that aggregates your pay and TXST-paid benefits to calculate the total value of your employment. A new ‘Total Compensation and Benefits Statement’ tile has been added. 
      • Online Emergency Contacts. You can now review, update, and add emergency contacts to your SAP personal profile via 'My Personal Profile’ tile. 

      Both are accessible via the SAP Portal under the Payroll-Benefits heading. 

      University Pay Plan Consolidation Project Update 

      We’re pleased to announce that effective September 1, we have implemented phase 1 of the pay plan consolidation project. Phase 1 includes the expansion of pay ranges and application of new pay grades. These changes align our pay grades more closely with the current job market, provide for increased flexibility on salary increases, and will allow us to offer more competitive wages. For more information about the project, please visit the Job Title Consolidation Project Website.

      Also, PeopleAdmin will now be our source for job descriptions and the linked job versions on the online pay plan will no longer be available. Please contact Blake Bissing or Emily Himes if you have any questions.

      Legislative Updates 

      We are working to support changes resulting from bills arising from this year’s TX legislative session which take effect on Sep. 1: 

      • HB 2063 requires state agencies to establish an employee family leave pool, in addition to the existing sick leave pool. More information to come as we develop procedures to establish this new leave pool. 
      • SB 475 requires state agencies to obtain employee’s written consent for tracking. Since all TXST uses tracking devices, a consent form will be required for continued use, and will be distributed initially through the Facilities department, then migrated to an eForm in SAP. 
      • HB 1589 requires state agencies to provide up to 7 workdays of paid leave per state fiscal year for Texas Military forces called to duty during a disaster. A new absence code will be created to accommodate for this leave type. 
      • SB 1359 requires state agencies to adopt a policy and provide mental health leave for peace officers who experience a traumatic event within the scope of employment. More information to come as we develop procedures to establish this new leave type.

      Updates to Separation Process: Revised Checklist & New Exit Survey 

      Our separation process for benefits-eligible staff and faculty has been updated. The separation checklist has updated instructions and easy-click links, the exit survey has gone digital, and an online resource page is available to provide guidance. These changes are intended to streamline the process for supervisors and support transitioning TXST employees.  

    • Texas State University recognizes that employees may have other employers or jobs due to their needs or interests. Although outside employment is allowed, those duties and responsibilities must not interfere or conflict with their employment at Texas State.

      Per UPPS 04.04.06, Outside Employment and Activities, outside employment is defined as any compensated employment, consulting, or service performed by the employee outside of the employee’s employment relationship with Texas State for the direct or indirect benefit of the employee or the organization served.

      For staff, approval is required for:

      1) any outside employment, prior to beginning such outside employment to include any employment with another state agency, community college, or school district; or

      2) any staff member holding public office (elected or appointed to serve for a federal, state, or local government entity including school districts, cities, and towns).

      If the outside employment is with another State of Texas entity, Texas law requires that all state employees must inform both state agencies or institutions of higher education before accepting an additional employment with another agency or institution. See section 03.02 of UPPS 04.04.06.

      Reporting of outside employment is done electronically via the SAP Self Service Portal, click on “Self-Report.”

      If you have questions, please contact Tammy Coyle, Employee Relations Manager, Human Resources at, or (512) 245-2557.

    • Managing Remote Work

      As announced in the HR Buzz, UPPS 04.04.01, General Workplace Policy, was recently updated to reflect the following changes:

      • Supervisors may approve short-term remote work. Remote Work Agreements are no longer required.
      • Short-term remote work should be tracked and approved via the SAP timesheet (functionality coming shortly).
      • Short-term remote work is still limited to 30 workdays with the measurement period on a fiscal year basis, restarting September 1.
      • Serving as a primary caregiver is permitted for short-term remote work only (policy update pending).

      Instructions will be provided when the SAP system has been updated. In the interim, please instruct your staff to track remote work time manually for retroactive recording. A manual timesheet template is available for download. Please reference the updated policy text online for details or consult with HR for specific guidance.

      Summer Insurance Enrollment Error Correction Period

      Summer enrollment has ended, and changes made during that period will be reflected on the October 1 paycheck. Please remind your team to review their pay statements in SAP Employee Self-Service to ensure that changes made are reflected on their paycheck. If corrections are needed, please have the employee email as soon as possible. We have a limited window through October 15 for corrections and will not be able to make changes after that time.  Additionally, employees may log in to their ERS Online Account to access their benefits summary and view changes.

      Now Available - Staff Ombuds Services

      As a reminder, the staff ombuds pilot started on September 1, with Dr. Luizzi now serving in this new role. Although he has already taken up the mantle, his formal introduction will occur at October’s Staff Council meeting. For more info on these new services, visit the Human Resources website

      Leadership Learning Recommendations

      LinkedIn, one of our learning partners, recently sent out a curated list of learning workshops that are now available on their platform. Here are a few that made our must-watch list:

      Access these, and many more, free, content-rich workshops at your convenience. For more information about LinkedIn Learning, visit the HR Professional Knowledge Website. 

    • SuccessFactors (SF) Learning is here!

      SuccessFactors (SF) Learning has officially launched, providing you with an improved, mobile-friendly hub for your professional learning and development.

      Check out the SF Learning Launch Video!

      Through SF Learning, you’ll have the ability to:

      • Browse our robust course catalog
      • Create customized learning paths 
      • Master new skills on-demand 

      Visit the SF Learning website for more information.

      Content will be continually updated and new features will be added in the coming months. We appreciate your patience and feedback as we transition to our new platform.

    • Paycheck Checkup

      Salary adjustments and benefit changes are reflected in the Oct. 1, 2021 paycheck for all eligible employees. Although we make every effort to ensure there are zero errors, you are the last set of eyes. Take a few minutes to review your pay statements for accuracy by accessing your information in the  SAP Portal on the ‘My Paystubs’ tile. For more information, including eligibility, please visit our website.


      Staff Performance Award Program

      The university will continue the staff performance award program for fiscal year 2022. We encourage you to learn more about this important program, including eligibility, qualifying achievements, and award amounts by visiting our Salary Adjustment website.


      FFCRA/ARPA Leave Benefits Expired Sep. 30, 2021 

      Emergency Leave and FMLA provisions provided through the extension of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) and the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) expired on Sep. 30. Requests must be entered and approved via the SAP portal by Oct. 31. Accrued leave balances, other available leave as outlined in UPPS 04.04.30, and/or leave without pay should be used going forward. 


      It’s Flu Shot Time

      Flu season is upon us once again and your health care providers are ready to vaccinate you against the flu. HealthSelect participants, please read this ERS Article for more information on finding vaccine providers. You can book an appointment for a flu shot at the Student Health Center or attend an onsite flu shot clinic for faculty and staff:

      • Wednesday, Oct. 13 | JCK 1100 | 2 – 6 p.m. 
      • Tuesday, Oct 19 | Avery 256 | 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.
      • Wednesday, Oct. 20 | LBJSC | 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

      Learn more about the upcoming flu shot clinics.


      ERS Wellness Fair  

      You are invited to attend a Virtual Wellness Fair on Oct. 18-22! The event offers opportunities to connect with colleagues at state agencies and other higher education institutions across the great state of Texas and participate in daily interactive events. Enjoy seminars featuring nationally recognized speakers, yoga and meditation workshops, tele-desk concerts, cooking demonstrations, and more. Register for the event to attend and receive a virtual swag bag! 


      Changes to New Employee Welcome (N.E.W.) 

      The New Employee Welcome (N.E.W.) experience has been updated and we are excited to share these changes with you. Visit our webpage to learn what’s new with N.E.W.! 


      New Learning Site Launched 

      SF Learning launched for all Bobcat employees on Oct. 1. Explore the platform by logging into the SAP Portal and clicking the new SuccessFactors (SF) learning/performance tile. 


      Bobcat Employee Discounts

      Bring on the perks! Visit the Texas State Employee Discount website to check out this month’s savings.


      Other News and Resources


      We’d love to hear from you!

      Please send us your questions or feedback to

    • Reminder | It’s Flu Shot Time

      Flu season is upon us once again and your health care providers are ready to vaccinate you against the flu. HealthSelect participants, please read this ERS Article for more information on finding vaccine providers. You can book an appointment for a flu shot at the Student Health Center or attend an onsite flu shot clinic for faculty and staff:

      Three Dates and Locations to Get Your Shot:

      Wednesday, October 13

      San Marcos Campus

      JCK 1100 | 2 – 6 p.m.

      Thursday, October 19

      Round Rock Campus

      Avery 256 | 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.

      Wednesday, October 20

      San Marcos Campus

      LBJ 3-14.1 | 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

      (Check-in at LBJ 3-9)

      Learn more about the upcoming flu shot clinics

      If you have questions, please contact the Human Resources Benefits team at 512.245.2557 or stop by JCK 360.

      We’d love to hear from you!

      Please send us your questions or feedback to

    • Decoding the Holiday Schedule

      Before the start of each fiscal year, HR creates the TXST holiday schedule which includes a list of designated paid holidays and energy conservation days. As a follow-up to this year’s publication, we thought it may be helpful to explain how the schedule is created. Following is a general overview of our process.

      Step 1: Compare the holiday list in the State of Texas government code with the regular calendar, noting those that fall on a weekend day. Holidays that fall on a weekend day cannot be designated as paid holidays. Another referenced resource is the TX State Auditor’s Office website.

      Step 2: Apply the unobserved paid holidays* that fall on weekdays to Winter Break.

      Step 3: Fill in the remaining days in the Breaks with energy conservation days.

      Step 4: Submit the proposed holiday schedule for review by the President and Chancellor.

      Step 5: Once approved, publish.

      *Unobserved paid holidays: holidays designated in the government code on which TXST remains open (i.e., Presidents’ Day)

      Other News and Announcements

      Two people looking at a computer

      Student Worker Training + SF Learning

      All TXST student workers are required to complete the following trainings annually and are automatically assigned at hire.

      • Ethics and Compliance
      • Equal Employment Opportunity & Title IX
      • Cybersecurity
      • Student Worker Safety Training

      These courses, along with many other free, professional development optional courses, are active and accessible via the SuccessFactors Learning/Performance tile in the SAP Portal. See the HR website for more information. 

      New bobcat employees together on football field in Bobcat Stadium

      New Employee Welcome (N.E.W.) returned to in-person this month!

      We are excited to announce that N.E.W. was held in-person this month for the first time since COVID-19 began. Our new Bobcat employees were able to meet fellow new hires and key representatives from across campus, as well as tour the Meadows Center, Bobcat Stadium, and the San Marcos campus. The HR welcoming team is thrilled to bring back these special experiences!




      Median Tenure (years)



      Median Annual Salary ($)



      Annual Turnover Rate (%)



      Fiscal Year End Stats

      The end of each fiscal year presents an opportunity to review and reflect. Here in HR, we looked back at some key statistics from FY21. Here is a chart comparing how we fared against industry benchmark.

      (1) Table 5. Median years of tenure with current employer for employed wage and salary workers by industry, selected years--Public Sector-State Government-January 2020

      (2) Median Household Income--San Marcos, TX

      (3) Table 16. Annual total separations rates by industry and region, not seasonally adjusted—State and local education-2020


      a laptop sitting next to an office window

      Leadership Learning Recommendations

      October 10th marked World Mental Health Day. As a TXST leader, it’s important to take the time to check in on your own mental well-being to better support others. Here are some online learning options to consider:

      Access these, and many more, free, content-rich workshops at your convenience through the SuccessFactors Learning/Performance tile in the SAP Portal.

      We’d love to hear from you!

      Please send us your questions or feedback to

    • TO: Faculty; Staff

      November | Featured Courses  

      Supporting Male Student Retention at TXST

      November 2 | 2:30 – 4:30 p.m. | Zoom

      This course will offer information for faculty and staff interested in supporting, retaining, and graduating male students at Texas State. The presentation will cover the following topics: Demographics of our male students, male student experiences, and institutional support and efforts for male student success. At the end of the training, participants will have the option to join a network of allies committed to improving the quality of experience and education of male students. This workshop is a collaborative effort of the Male Initiative Committee.


      Mental Health Concerns at TXST: Trends, Resources, and Interventions

      November 10 | 1 – 3:30 p.m. | Zoom

      Over the past several years, college campuses across the nation have experienced a consistent, dramatic increase in the number of students with severe mental health problems. This program will examine the changing trends in college student mental health and why it has important implications for the campus learning environment.


      (NEW!) WellCats Educational Series: Rekindling Your Nutrition

      November 12 | Noon – 1 p.m. | Zoom

      From a food perspective, this last year resulted in many of us growing our own food and returning to our favorite recipes and homemade staples. With life seeming to be resuming its normal pace, it can be hard to hold on to the healthful habits we may have formed during the pandemic. In this series, we will explore and celebrate the nutritional wins that came out of our last year and discuss how we can rekindle those wins in a post-pandemic world.



      Be sure to also check out LinkedIn Learning resources available to you including:

      Recharge Your Energy for Peak Performance (51m)

      Note: To participate in the courses above, please register through SF Learning. Look for the “SuccessFactors Learning/Performance” tile.

      Training sessions for SuccessFactors (SF) Learning are coming soon! In the meantime, please visit our SF Learning User Guides website.

      If you require accommodations due to a disability, please call 512.245.7899 at least 72 hours in advance of the course.